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Microjet 2000

Portable pressure blast machine


  • Heavy duty stainless steel canister
  • Foot operated pinch valve
  • Handpiece
  • Check valve
  • Self venting safety lock
  • All pneumatic operation
  • Quick change tungsten carbide nozzles
  • Full-pressure feed system for optimum cutting action
  • Only one moving part - minimum maintenance
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Add a BL1210BCG Cabinetto contain your material
  • Add a 1312 Venturi Vacuum to cut down on dust


Part NumberDescriptionPrice*
 AB2000  Microjet blaster  $500.00
 AB2001  .020 tungsten carbide nozzle assembly  $ 16.75
 AB2002  .030 tungsten carbide nozzleassembly  $ 16.75
 AB2009 Discharge air abrasive fittings  $  2.10
 AB2007  Inlet air fitting  $  2.10
 AB2012  Pinch valve snap connector  $ 11.50




* All prices are subject to change without prior notice