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UNIflex Diamond Discs

All UNIflex Discs are 22 mm (7/8") in diameter


Narrow Band


Wide Band


Wide Band
12 slots


Wide Band
24 slots


Narrow Band Diamond Discs
 DD927   Double-sided   Ultra-thin   0.15mm 
 DD952   Double-sided   Thin   0.20 mm 
 DD929   Double-sided   Regular   0.28 mm 
 DD951   Double-sided   Thick   0.30 mm 


Wide Band Diamond Discs
 DD930  Double-sided  Ultra-thin  0.15 mm
 DD931  Double-sided  Regular  0.28 mm
 DD950  Double-sided  Thick  0.38 mm


Slotted Wide Band Diamond Discs
12 slots
 DD932    Double-sided   Thick    0.33 mm 


Slotted Wide Band Diamond Discs
24 slots
 DD932  Double-sided  Ultra-thin  0.15 mm


Pricing - Combine different discs on your order to reach next price level!

Quantity Price*
 1-5 Discs    $12.00 each
 6-11 Discs    $11.25 each
 12+ Discs    $10.50 each

* All prices are subject to change without prior notice