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DIAshine Fine



 Stays on rotary applicator and object being polished

  • Most popular grade
  • Gives glaze to all ceramic surfaces without splatter
  • Gives high gloss on ceramic, composites & metals
  • Load on soft bristle brushes or chamois wheels
  • 3 gram tub


$51.95 *



DIAshine Medium



 Forms a plastic residue on surface, continually using the grit

  • Provides good finish faster than fine
  • Particles 10 times larger than fine
  • Glossy but not a high gloss finish
  • Works on ceramics, composites and metals
  • 3 gram tub
  • Load on soft bristle brush or chamois wheels


$56.95 *



DIAshine Coarse


Diashine Coarse2

 Works great on porcelain, high gold alloys, titanium, other metals

  • Obtain a flat finish without glazing
  • Works on ceramics, composites and metals
  • Has particle size approximately 50 times larger than fine grade
  • 3 gram tub
  • Load on soft bristle brush or chamois wheels


$59.95 *



DIAshine Xtra Fine



 Works great on ceramic and composites

  • Secondary polish with the Fine
  • Rotate brush at low speed until polish is on surface
  • After polish is on brush increase speed to medium, rotating restoration
  • Use extra pressure on the pull stroke
  • 3 gram tub


$51.95 *





* All prices are subject to change without prior notice