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Minature Mandrels

3/32" (2.4 mm) shanks

threaded mandrel2

Tapered thread
no nut
4.8 mm screw length


Tapered thread
with nut
9.5 mm screw length


Reinforced shoulder
with washer


Mandrels for wheels




Item Description  Price*
 43.120   tapered thread no nut  $7.50 dz
 43.122  tapered thread with nut  $7.50 dz
 43.124  reinforced shoulder with washer   $9.00 dz
 43.128  Mandrel for wheels, no washer, steel   $10.00 dz
 43.130  Mandrel for wheels, washer, nickel-plated   $9.00 dz
 43.132  Mandrel for wheels, washer, stainless-steel   $17.00 dz


* All prices are subject to change without prior notice