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DIAflex & DIAthin Diamond Wheels


Sintered diamond impregnated rubber wheels

  • semi-flexible rubber wheels for less heat buildup
  • will not chip or damage ceramic surfaces
  • premium sintered diamond grit down to the mandrel

Color - Grit Type - Description

  • Navy Blue-Extra Coarse-gross reduction of porcelain or metals
  • Red-Coarse-fast reduction of porcelain or metals
  • Green-Medium Coarse-medium reduction of porcelain or metals
  • Blue-Medium-reduction and finishing of porcelain or metals
  • Orange-Medium Fine-finishing of porcelain or metals
  • Yellow-Fine-polishing of porcelain or metals
  • Gold-Extra Fine-Polishing and high shine of porcelain or metals


 Extra Fine to Coarse Wheels     Price*
 Less than 12 wheels  $30.00 each
 Over 12 wheels   $28.00 each
 Extra Coarse Wheels  
 Less than 12 wheels  $37.00 each
Over 12 wheels  $35.00 each



 DIAthin Diamond Wheels

  • Same as DIAflex wheels only thinner & more flexible
  • Set is one fine, one medium and one coarse
  • Sintered diamond 22 mm wheels
  • Red-Thin Coarse
  • Yellow-Thin Fine
  • Blue-Thin Medium


 Single Wheels     Price*
 Less than 12 wheels  $19.00 each
 Over 12 wheels   $18.00 each
 Sets of  Wheels  
Less than 12 sets  $65.00 each
Over 12 sets  $62.00 each



* All prices are subject to change without prior notice